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November 04, 2017

The Democratic Civil War Is...

By Susan Glasser. This article appeared in The New Yorker on November 1, 2017. On the morning of October 5th, President Trump was on one of his...
October 18, 2017

Democrats Need to Lead the Fight...

This op-ed appeared in The Huffington Post on October 18, 2017.   Donald Trump remains deeply unpopular with the American people, and his...
September 21, 2017

How She Lost

By Stanley Greenberg for the Fall 2017 issue of The American Prospect.   Hillary Clinton’s tragic 2016 campaign faced withering criticism in...
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81. Republicans Should Not Misread the Mandate
(Matching tags: democracy corps,Republican Party,Democrats,national,CAF,post-election)
Republicans should not misread the mandate and the changes that came out of this big election.  This post-election survey conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner for Democracy Corps and the Campaign for ...
82. National Survey
(Matching tags: democracy corps,Republican Party,Democrats,national,tracking)
National survey of 800 likely voters conducted October 23-25, 2010.
83. A Progressive Comeback?
(Matching tags: democracy corps,house,Republican Party,Democrats,national,tracking)
Democracy Corps's tracking this week and last week report a closing congressional vote.  Any movement at all in the Democratic direction is notable given the unprecedented disparity in independent campaign ...
84. Race Narrows with Further Message Clarity
(Matching tags: democracy corps,house,Republican Party,Democrats,national,senate,tracking)
It is three weeks to the election - and Democrats are in position to finish closer.  That is the possible 'October Surprise' we spotlighted last week.  For sure, the Democrats are still behind, in grueling ...
85. National Survey
(Matching tags: democracy corps,Republican Party,Democrats,national)
National survey of 928 likely voters conducted October 9-11, 2010.
86. October Surprise?
(Matching tags: democracy corps,house,Republican Party,Democrats,national,senate)
We are very close to believing that the 2010 election can move to a new place. Our latest poll shows the Democrats with a 6-point deficit--”and any shift will have a significant impact on the number ...
87. Making the Case on National Security as Elections Approach
(Matching tags: obama,democracy corps,Republican Party,national,Iraq,national security,third way,Afghanistan)
A new Democracy Corps-Third Way survey shows opportunities for progressives to deliver an effective message on national security during this campaign season, even in the face of a very negative political ...
88. AN ALERT: Changing the Framework and Outcome in 2010
(Matching tags: democracy corps,house,incumbents,Republican Party,Democrats,economy project)
The 2010 election campaign could not be more daunting, but we believe Democratic congressional candidates can move these races in the final two months if they frame this election as a clear choice and ...
89. How To Talk to the Rising American Electorate
(Matching tags: democracy corps,wvwvaf,Republican Party,Democrats,national)
... 1994.'s average of national surveys has Republicans leading 46 to 41 percent in the generic congressional ballot. This most recent Democracy Corps/Women's Voices. Women's Vote Action Fund ...
90. Democrats Should Want This Tax Cut Debate
(Matching tags: democracy corps,middle class,Republican Party,Democrats,national,Bush,deficit,tax cuts)
This will be a tough election, but fortunately, the unfolding tax issue can work strongly to help Democrats and define the choice in the election.  This is a case where Democrats are strongly aligned ...
91. National Survey
(Matching tags: democracy corps,Republican Party,Democrats,national)
National survey of 1,000 2008 voters conducted August 30-September 2, 2010.
92. Toplines: June National Phone Survey
(Attached to Article: Tools for a Wave in 2018)
Toplines: June National Phone Survey (Filename: Democracy Corps National Phone 060517 FQ.pdf)  ...
93. Toplines
(Attached to Article: The unheard winning economic agenda: report from Roosevelt Institute election night poll)
Toplines (Filename: Democracy Corps Post Elect_RTR_110916 FQ.pdf)  ...
94. Toplines
(Attached to Article: Opposition to trade and TPP grows over course of campaign)
Toplines (Filename: Democracy Corps National 102416 FQ Public Citizen.pdf)  ...
95. Toplines
(Attached to Article: The millennial strategy)
Toplines (Filename: Democracy Corps Millennial Web Survey 100416 FQ.pdf)  ...
96. Toplines
(Attached to Article: Consolidating Democrats: The strategy that gives a governing majority)
Toplines (Filename: Democracy Corps Battleground 091916 FQ.pdf)  ...
97. Toplines
(Attached to Article: A Mandate to Rewrite the Rules of the Economy)
Toplines (Filename: Democracy Corps and Roosevelt National 071816 FQ.pdf)  ...
98. Toplines
(Attached to Article: Presidential Race Tightens, Structure of Race Remains Unchanged)
Toplines (Filename: Democracy Corps and Roosevelt National 071816 FQ.pdf)  ...
99. Toplines
(Attached to Article: On Trade & TPP, Public Anger About Corporate Power Dominant Factor in Views)
Toplines (Filename: Democracy Corps 062916 FQ Public Citizen.pdf)  ...
100. Battleground toplines
(Attached to Article: 9 State Battleground Poll: Trump's Rustbelt play bound to disappoint, Clinton stronger than Obama in diverse states)
Battleground toplines (Filename: Democracy Corps BG 062016 FQ.PDF)  ...
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