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November 18, 2018

Trump Is Beginning to Lose His...

By Stanley Greenberg This op-ed first appeared in the New York Times Sunday Review on November 18, 2018.    America’s polarized citizenry...
December 10, 2018

Unmarried Women in 2018

Unmarried women comprised 23 percent of the national electorate and played a decisive role in the 2018 wave. Like other women, many unmarried women...
November 16, 2018

Democrats won big embracing strong...

Many vulnerable Republicans hoped that the GDP and jobs numbers and their signature legislative accomplishment, the tax cut, would persuade voters to...
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61. The Explosive Republican-Obama Battleground
(Matching tags: obama,democracy corps,battleground,house,incumbents)
The latest Democracy Corps survey of the Republican House battleground seats confirms that 2012 will be an explosive year. These Republicans swept into Washington on the tide of a change wave but are ...
62. New York's 26th is not Alone
(Matching tags: democracy corps,house,incumbents,Republican Party,Democrats,national,deficit)
Republican leaders and conservative pundits have spun Democrat Kathy Hochul's upset win in New York's 26th Congressional District as exceptional - with peculiar ballot lines, Tea Party independents, ...
63. Paul Ryan to seniors: Drop Dead.
(Matching tags: democracy corps,house,ryan budget,Republican Party,Democrats,national,tea party,seniors)
Congressman Paul Ryan's budget proposal, to be embraced by the House Republican majority today, faces serious obstacles in winning public support, according to a new national survey by Democracy Corps ...
64. The Budget Battle in the Republican-Obama Battleground
(Matching tags: economy,obama,democracy corps,battleground,house,ryan budget)
The Republicans' proposed budget cuts are in trouble in the 50 most competitive Republican-held Congressional districts - nearly all of which gave a majority to Obama in the last presidential election. ...
65. Republican-Obama Battleground Contested
(Matching tags: economy,democracy corps,battleground,house,incumbents)
... these members are casting in support of the Tea Party agenda and House budget will come with a significant political price.  ...
66. Congressional Battleground 2012
(Matching tags: democracy corps,battleground,house,incumbents)
A new survey by Democracy Corps in 50 of the most competitive battleground Congressional districts - nearly all of which gave a majority to Obama in the last presidential election - shows the new Republican ...
67. Winning the Budget Debate
(Matching tags: obama,democracy corps,house,Republican Party,Democrats,national,resurgent republic)
The Republican assault on the budget is starting to lose the country - just as they unveil the scale of their cuts and the specific targets.  And this survey conducted by Democracy Corps shows how Democrats ...
68. 1994=2010
(Matching tags: house,Republican Party,Democrats,clinton,national,gingrich,resurgent republic)
November 2nd was a very bad day for Democrats - indeed, the worst since November 8, 1994 when Democrats lost their four-decade hold on the House of Representatives, control of the US Senate and 472 ...
69. The Power of Messages to Close the Vote
(Matching tags: house,Republican Party,Democrats,national,tracking)
The positive movement for Democrats in the congressional vote tracking has fallen back this week. Republicans hold a 5-point lead at 50 to 45 percent after a month of Democratic gains with the race ...
70. A Progressive Comeback?
(Matching tags: democracy corps,house,Republican Party,Democrats,national,tracking)
Democracy Corps's tracking this week and last week report a closing congressional vote.  Any movement at all in the Democratic direction is notable given the unprecedented disparity in independent campaign ...
71. Race Narrows with Further Message Clarity
(Matching tags: democracy corps,house,Republican Party,Democrats,national,senate,tracking)
... race-by-race battles against overwhelming outside spending and a very pessimistic mood and tough economy.  Gains in the actual races in the House and Senate battlegrounds are in inches, with many key races ...
72. October Surprise?
(Matching tags: democracy corps,house,Republican Party,Democrats,national,senate)
... of House seats and the hold on the Senate. This conclusion and recommendations on strategy and message are based on a special program of weekly October polling aimed at producing an 'October surprise.' ...
73. AN ALERT: Changing the Framework and Outcome in 2010
(Matching tags: democracy corps,house,incumbents,Republican Party,Democrats,economy project)
The 2010 election campaign could not be more daunting, but we believe Democratic congressional candidates can move these races in the final two months if they frame this election as a clear choice and ...
74. Netroots Nation Straw Poll Results
(Matching tags: obama,democracy corps,house,Democrats,tea party,straw poll,progressives,netroots nation)
Greenberg Quinlan Rosner and Democracy Corps, in conjunction with Revolution Messaging, conducted a straw poll of progressive activists, journalists, and bloggers at the Netroots Nation conference in ...
75. 2010 Congressional Battleground: Stable and Within Normal Historical Range
(Matching tags: democracy corps,battleground,house,incumbents,Republican Party,Democrats)
With Charlie Cook and Republican leaders raising the prospect of Democrats losing control of the Congress in 2010, we thought it important to expand the Democracy Corps congressional battleground early ...
76. A Response to POS: Congressional Survey Shows Difficulties for both Republican, Democratic Incumbents
(Matching tags: democracy corps,battleground,house,Public Opinion Strategies,Glen Bolger)
We've been alerted by our good friends on the conservative side of the political spectrum at Public Opinion Strategies that POS partner Glen Bolger has been posting on a “semi-secret" Democracy Corps ...
77. Congressional Battleground Survey
(Matching tags: democracy corps,battleground,house,incumbents)
Survey of 1,500 likely voters across the Congressional Battleground  
78. Congressional Battleground Survey
(Matching tags: democracy corps,battleground,house,incumbents,Republican Party,Democrats)
Congressional Battleground Survey
79. Congressional Battleground Survey
(Matching tags: democracy corps,battleground,house,incumbents,Republican Party,Democrats)
From January 14-19, 2009, Democracy Corps conducted a survey of 1200 likely voters in 40 Democratic-held districts
80. Congressional Battleground Survey
(Matching tags: democracy corps,battleground,house,incumbents,Republican Party,Democrats)
From October 28 - 30, 2008, Democracy Corps conducted a survey of 1,050 likely voters (1,200 unweighted) in 35 Republican-held districts.
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