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September 27, 2017

NAFTA Renegotiation Requires...

Trump’s unexpected victory has disrupted progressive strategies to dominate this period, but no area has been disrupted more than trade. No other area...
September 21, 2017

How She Lost

By Stanley Greenberg for the Fall 2017 issue of The American Prospect.   Hillary Clinton’s tragic 2016 campaign faced withering criticism in...
July 13, 2017

Tools for a Wave in 2018

The first wave of Women’s Voices. Women Vote Action Fund’s ongoing web-panel of persuasion and turnout targets with simultaneous national phone survey...
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1. Democrats can win the health care argument
(Matching tags: obama,Republican Party,Democrats,NPR,Health Care,Supreme Court,national,super pacs)
We learned a great deal about health care reform in the survey we conducted together with Resurgent Republic for NPR.  Above all, Democrats can feel very comfortable talking about it and engaging ...
2. Progressives Still Support Obama; Intensely Focused On Wall Street And Money In Politics
(Matching tags: obama,wall street,Democrats,CAF,straw poll,progressives,warren)
Campaign for America’s Future and Democracy Corps Poll Finds Strong Support for President Obama and Overwhelming Backlash Against Wall Street and Money in Politics. A poll by Democracy Corps of ...
3. President Obama makes gains in winnable race
(Matching tags: obama,democracy corps,romney,Republican Party,Democrats,national,tea party)
... Congress. The Democrats have settled into a 6-point advantage in party identification, double Obama’s vote margin.  ...
4. Analysis: Democratic Congressional Candidates Pull Ahead; Obama Competitive
(Matching tags: obama,democracy corps,battleground,house,incumbents,Republican Party,Democrats,mccain,Palin,Mountain West)
Democrats are on the brink of making historic gains in swing Mountain West Congressional districts. Four years ago in these 11 targeted districts, Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry lost by ...
5. Analysis: Report on survey in the 40 Democratic and 15 Republican congressional battleground districts
(Matching tags: democracy corps,battleground,house,incumbents,Republican Party,Democrats)
... months — and hold double-digit leads against their generic challengers. Indeed, the Democrats in the most difficult 20 seats (top tier) enjoy a lead twice the size of that for the most vulnerable Republican ...
6. Two years after Citizens United, voters fed up with money in politics
(Matching tags: middle class,money in politics,Republican Party,Democrats,national,super pacs,independents)
The 2012 election will be the most expensive in history, fueled by unlimited spending by super PACs and other political groups, as well as candidates' furious fundraising to keep up. On the second anniversary ...
7. Presidential primary contest and pre-Christmas showdown put Republicans at risk
(Matching tags: obama,democracy corps,romney,Republican Party,Democrats,national,third-party candidates)
This first Democracy Corps national survey of the New Year shows Republicans at risk at every level.[1]
8. Winning the Economic Argument
(Matching tags: obama,democracy corps,middle class,Republican Party,Democrats,economy project)
... and congressional votes in this survey. And which party is better on the economy is almost all that matters, which is why Democrats need to start winning this argument.  ...
9. Occupy Politics
(Matching tags: economy,obama,Republican Party,Democrats,national)
The latest national survey by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner for Democracy Corps reveals an intensely anti-establishment, anti-Washington, anti-Wall Street moment. Three quarters of all voters say the country ...
10. Take Back the American Dream Conference participants call for stronger, bolder, more progressive agenda
(Matching tags: obama,democracy corps,Republican Party,Democrats,CAF,straw poll)
The Democracy Corps-Campaign for America's Future straw poll of Take Back the American Dream conference participants found strong support for President Obama and the jobs bill but also reveals a strong ...
11. Crisis of Legitimacy
(Matching tags: Democrats,Greenberg,cnn,new york times)
The most recent CNN/ORC International survey finds that "The public's trust in the federal government has dropped to an all-time low... Just 15 percent of Americans now say they trust the government ...
12. Creating a New Economic Narrative
(Matching tags: obama,democracy corps,wvwvaf,rising american electorate,Republican Party,Democrats,economy project)
Regaining the support of the Rising American Electorate  - unmarried women, people of color, and younger voters -  and motivating these voters to turn out is crucial for President Obama's reelection ...
13. Voters Downgrade Washington
(Matching tags: economy,wvwvaf,Republican Party,Democrats,national)
A new survey by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research for Democracy Corps reveals voters' growing anger with Washington. This survey fielded at a unique time - just as Standard and Poor's announced its ...
14. NYTimes: Stan Greenberg on Why Voters Tune Out Democrats
(Matching tags: Democrats,Greenberg,new york times)
BARACK OBAMA can't catch a break from the American public on the economy, even though he prevented a depression and saved global capitalism.
15. Raising the Debt Limit: Key Points for the Final Week
(Matching tags: democracy corps,Republican Party,Democrats,strongest messaging,debt ceiling,medicare,social security)
We just want to underscore recommendations that we offered earlier on strongest messaging in the debt-ceiling debate - both for independent swing voters and the broad progressive base.
16. Winning on a losing economy
(Matching tags: obama,democracy corps,romney,middle class,Republican Party,Democrats,economy project)
This special web survey and experimental exercise produces a powerful economic message framework for the President and Democrats in Congress. These messages significantly shift which party voters trust ...
17. Netroots Continue to Show Strong Support for President Obama
(Matching tags: obama,democracy corps,Democrats,Palin,straw poll,netroots nation,bachmann)
Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research and Democracy Corps, in close partnership with Revolution Messaging, conducted a straw poll of progressive activists, journalists, and bloggers at the Netroots Nation ...
18. A Path to Democratic Ascendancy on the Economy
(Matching tags: economy,democracy corps,Republican Party,Democrats,interviews,economy project)
Finding a path to economic credibility is the Democrats' biggest challenge - and this major new research study shows a path for Democrats to gain the ascendancy on the economy. [1]  ...
19. New York's 26th is not Alone
(Matching tags: democracy corps,house,incumbents,Republican Party,Democrats,national,deficit)
Republican leaders and conservative pundits have spun Democrat Kathy Hochul's upset win in New York's 26th Congressional District as exceptional - with peculiar ballot lines, Tea Party independents, ...
20. Paul Ryan to seniors: Drop Dead.
(Matching tags: democracy corps,house,ryan budget,Republican Party,Democrats,national,tea party,seniors)
Congressman Paul Ryan's budget proposal, to be embraced by the House Republican majority today, faces serious obstacles in winning public support, according to a new national survey by Democracy Corps ...
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