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2018 Targets in Trump’s GOP
Thursday, September 06 2018
Download this file (Dcorps August National GOP Web Survey Toplines_8.26.2018.pdf)Toplines: August 2018 GOP National Web Survey[ ]524 Kb97 Downloads
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The Trump presidency has created serious opportunities for agile progressives to target and deliver messages to a fractured and demoralized GOP. This is the conclusion of Democracy Corps’ new national online message test of 1,200 Republican registered voters, numerous Catalist voter-file matched phone surveys, and focus groups among the factions of the GOP.

Fully 40 percent of the GOP base are part of factions that are unenthusiastic about President Trump and one-quarter may be targeted in these final 60 days before the midterm. These targets may be identified by demographic variables, partisanship, and ideological identity – including by the existing models available to progressives on Catalist’s voter-file. They want leaders who will be a check on Donald Trump and are responsive to messages demanding a less divisive politics.