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June 01, 2017

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Netroots Nation Straw Poll Results
Monday, July 26 2010

Tags: democracy corps | Democrats | house | netroots nation | obama | progressives | straw poll | tea party

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Greenberg Quinlan Rosner and Democracy Corps, in conjunction with Revolution Messaging, conducted a straw poll of progressive activists, journalists, and bloggers at the Netroots Nation conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is the third year the straw poll has been conducted at the conference, the first time participants have been able to take the poll via text message, and the largest straw poll conducted yet at the conference, with over 300 people participating.

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Public Backs Obama as a Wartime President
Thursday, March 18 2010

Tags: democracy corps | national security | obama | wars

Even with Washington, D.C., consumed by fights over health care and jobs, President Barack Obama is still having to wage two real wars and the battle against an ongoing terrorist threat. A new poll says the public mostly approves how he is handling the security front.

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Support for Health Care Reform on the Rise after Massachusetts
Tuesday, March 09 2010

Tags: democracy corps | Democrats | health care reform | massachusetts | Republican Party

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At President Obama's recent health care summit, Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and other Republicans breathlessly touted an “average" of recent public polls showing large majorities opposing health care reform. McConnell's polling average was dubious to begin with, but he was also getting well ahead of himself.[i] In fact, a flurry of recent polls show support for health care reform slowly but surely on the rise. A new survey from The Economist/YouGov released yesterday shows majority supporting passage of reform for the first time since December.[ii] Moreover, recent polls that dig deeper than the topline numbers demonstrate even more support for passage of reform, with the most recent Ipsos survey showing a majority of Americans either supporting the current reform option or hoping for an even stronger reform package.

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Greenberg: How to Avoid a Repeat of 1994
Thursday, February 18 2010

Tags: 1994 | clinton | Stan Greenberg | The New Republic

In his new essay for The New Republic, Stan Greenberg examines how the current political environment may feel eerily similar to the days when he was in the White House advising President Bill Clinton going into the 1994 midterm elections, which turned disastrous for Democrats. Though things seem grim again today for Democrats, Greenberg outlines the differences and what lessons can be learned to produce a very different outcome.


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A Response to POS: Congressional Survey Shows Difficulties for both Republican, Democratic Incumbents
Tuesday, October 20 2009

Tags: battleground | democracy corps | Glen Bolger | house | Public Opinion Strategies

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We've been alerted by our good friends on the conservative side of the political spectrum at Public Opinion Strategies that POS partner Glen Bolger has been posting on a “semi-secret" Democracy Corps poll across the Congressional Battleground and we'd like to take this opportunity to both thank him for taking such an interest in our work and to respond to some of his interpretations of the data. While we do agree with some of what Glen has to say there are other areas where we couldn't disagree more.

Read more... [A Response to POS: Congressional Survey Shows Difficulties for both Republican, Democratic Incumbents]
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