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April 21, 2017

TIME: Women Trump Voters Are...

By Stan Greenberg and Page Gardner  President Donald Trump won the 2016 election partly because many Americans believed that a businessman not...
April 05, 2017

Moving to scale to win on health...

The humiliating retreat of President Trump and Speaker Ryan on the Obamacare replacement was a powerful moment for working class women, financially...
March 01, 2017

Trump's address increases optimism...

The president began the night with a majority disapproving of his performance, and he ended with a majority feeling more optimistic about him. The...

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Resurgent Republic: Stan Greenberg's Open Letter to Ed Gillespie, Founder of Resurgent Republic, on Their Initial National Survey
Monday, May 04 2009

Stan Greenberg responds to the initial poll from Resurgent Republic.

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Obama and the Senior Vote
Wednesday, January 28 2009
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Election Day was full of historic results for Barack Obama. But his performance among seniors provided one of the few lower points, as exit polls show that Obama lost to John McCain among seniors 45 to 53 percent. According to the exit polls, while Obama made gains with nearly all groups compared to John Kerry, this did not happen with seniors. They, along with gay and lesbian voters, were the big underperformers for Obama. Among seniors overall, there was no real change from 2004 to 2008. And among white seniors, Obama lost significant ground, even while he made gains among the white electorate as a whole.

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Obama's Win Equal Parts Turnout, Persuasion
Wednesday, January 21 2009
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Over 61 percent of eligible voters turned out this year, the highest turnout level since 1968. Much has been made of Barack Obama's turnout machine, which drew out a new cadre of voters--”particularly new African American, Hispanic, and young voters”--and these voters cer-tainly contributed to Obama's win. Obama dominated McCain among these new voters, not only young and minority voters, but first-time voters of every age group and demographic heavily supported Obama.

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The New Electorate
Monday, August 04 2008

With over 3,000 interviews in the past moth, Democracy Corps has assembled a large database from which to conduct a deep demographic analysis of trends in the presidential race. Using this resource, we have identified groups where Senator Barack Obama is running ahead of Senator John Kerry in 2004 -- including those under 30, moderate and suburban voters -- and areas of underperformance.

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Economic Concerns Driving Political Measures to New Depths
Monday, April 14 2008

After nearly a year of remarkably consistent numbers in key metrics of the country's political environment, we are seeing significant movement as rapidly deteriorating attitudes toward the economy drive ratings of the country's direction, consumer confidence, and President Bush's job approval marks to new lows. Approval of Congress has also fallen, but the anger is not directed at the "Democratic Congress" which has seen a decline in its negatives this year - in fact, the country's profound change dynamic has resulted in the massive Democratic advantage in the generic congressional ballot growing even larger in March.

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