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Republican Collapse Among Young Americans
Tuesday, June 19 2007
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A major, multi-mode survey of America's young people recently conducted by Democracy Corps shows young people profoundly alienated from the Republican Party and poised to deliver a significant majority to the Democratic nominee for President in 2008.

Democracy Corps and Greenberg Quinlan Rosner have completed a comprehensive and multi-modal survey of America's youth (ages 18-29). This survey involved a combination of land-line telephone survey, cell-phone interviews and web research to overcome the inherent difficulties and biases of researching this population. The survey finds young people profoundly alienated from the Republican party and its perceived values. Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama lead Rudy Giuliani—the most acceptable of the Republican offerings among youth—by significant margins. The President's standing is substantially worse, to the degree that is possible, than we find in the broader electorate. Moreover, the disconnect we see between the Republicans and our nation's youth runs so deep, that it likely will not only outlive the Bush administration, but potentially haunt the Republicans for many years to come. This survey involved 1,017 young people, including 510 telephone interviews, 407 web surveys and 100 cell phone interviews. The survey was conducted between May 29 and June 19, 2007. In their latest strategy memo, Stan Greenberg, James Carville, Anna Greenberg and David Walker demonstrate huge opportunities for Democrats among young people and the ongoing need to energize this vote.