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National Surveys
Obama Holds Double Digit National Advantage
Tuesday, October 14 2008
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As the presidential candidates prepare for their last debate in New York, Democracy Corps' latest national survey, consistent with that of the The Washington Post/ABC News poll released a day earlier, shows Barack Obama holding a double-digit advantage over Senator McCain in the race for the White House. In Democracy Corps' latest national survey Obama reached 50 percent of the vote while only 40 percent of voters said they would vote for McCain, down 5 points since last week. The underlying trends shaping this dramatic shift in the race for the presidency include:

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National Survey
Monday, October 06 2008
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From October 1 - 5, 2008, Democracy Corps conducted a survey of 1000 likely voters nationwide.

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Obama Emerges with First Real Lead
Thursday, October 02 2008
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In Democracy Corps' national and presidential battleground surveys conducted this week among likely voters, Barack Obama has emerged with the first real, sustainable lead of the presidential race. Obama has taken a 4-point lead nationally, but more important, he leads by 6 points in the presidential battleground states (50 to 44 percent). This lead represents a 10-point swing in the battleground states that Kerry lost by 4 points in 2004 - a comparable swing to what congressional Democrats achieved in 2006.

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Survey on the Financial Crisis
Thursday, September 25 2008
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From September 22-24, 2008, Democracy Corps conducted a survey of 1007 likely voters nationally and 1128 likely voters in the presidential battleground.

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The Changing Presidential Race after the Conventions
Monday, September 15 2008

The latest events in the presidential campaign have tightened the race dramatically. In Democracy Corps' latest surveys of 1,000 likely voters nationally and 1,017 likely voters in the presidential battleground states, the vote margin has shifted 7 points towards John McCain nationally and 9 points in the battleground. This swing puts McCain ahead of Barack Obama by 2 points nationally (48 to 46 percent), consistent with the national public polls, and by 1 point in the battleground states (48 to 47 percent)

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