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National Surveys
Obama Closes Campaign with 7-Point Lead
Monday, November 03 2008
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The final national survey from Democracy Corps and Greenberg Quinlan Rosner shows Obama with a stable and decisive lead in the race for president. But there is much more going on that will likely produce an even bigger outcome. With surging enthusiasm and solidity of Obama's voters and a growing partisan advantage impacting races at all levels, more than a few barriers will likely be broken on November 4th.

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YFTW: Obama Campaign Awakens a Generation
Friday, October 31 2008
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Barack Obama will make history in one week in no small measure due to the enthusiasm and commitment of America's youth. The Obama campaign awakened a generation. To be sure, this campaign was aided by events surrounding the campaign, but the stability of his support among young people, largely uninterrupted throughout the year, and their growing enthusiasm is nothing short of remarkable and will influence American politics for generations to come.

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The Republican Disconnect
Friday, October 24 2008
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With the country poised for its second wave election, Republican supporters are on a different page and disconnected from the rest of the country. That helps explain John McCain's implausible close to the campaign and perhaps foretells difficulties Republicans will face dealing with the aftermath. In this special national survey with an enlarged sample of self-identified Republicans and independents who identify with Republicans, we asked the question, “who is to blame for John McCain's possible defeat?" Republicans believe McCain will have lost because of a hostile mainstream media, economic events beyond their control and Democrats having more money and resources. Few have begun to examine bigger issues, though their views of the current campaign and the future suggest a party very out of touch with unfolding events.

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National Survey
Friday, October 24 2008
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From October 21-23, 2008, Democracy Corps conducted a survey of 1000 likely voters.

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National Survey
Monday, October 20 2008
Download this file (dcor101908fq17_pb.pdf)dcor101908fq17_pb.pdf[ ]41 Kb

From October 15-19, 2008, Democracy Corps conducted a survey of 1,000 likely voters nationwide.

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