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National Surveys
How to Survive 2010
Wednesday, May 05 2010

Tags: democracy corps | Democrats | national | Republican Party | rising american electorate | wvwvaf

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Democrats need to make substantial political progress in the next six months.  The basic problem is math.  Currently independent voters prefer Republicans over Democrats by two to one in congressional trial heats.  Other groups, such as blue collar whites and white seniors are similarly lopsided in their preferences.  More competitive margins are possible with these groups, but that could come too late, and there are more immediate places to make up the numbers. Good places to start are among unmarried women, young people and people of color.  Voters we call the Rising American Electorate (RAE), who make up the majority of the voting age population in the country and voters who drove progressive victories in 2006 and 2008.  They remain supportive but not nearly in the same numbers.  They can help rescue Democrats from a very forgettable electoral cycle in 2010.  Unmarried women alone make up 25 percent of the population and can have the biggest impact. This joint project by Women's Voices. Women Vote Action Fund and Democracy Corps highlights distinct opportunities among these voters, but also core problems that need real attention and major political investments to make right.

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Special Database Reports: A Deep Look at Shifts Among Independents and Seniors Since 2008
Friday, April 30 2010

Tags: democracy corps | independents | national | seniors

We've used our extensive database to take a serious look at two of the most important blocs of voters for the midterm election, seniors and independents.

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Is this the Final Chapter or a New Chapter?
Tuesday, April 27 2010

We still do not know how this story ends.  We could be at the beginning of a new, six-month chapter with voters growing more invested in the country's current course and shifting their thinking about the issues and stakes.  Or we could be locked into this current chapter as a final one full of angry citizens determined to cast their votes against Washington, the elites, Democrats and government.  There is some evidence the former is possible, if the president and Democrats throw themselves behind emergent trends, though there is even more evidence for the latter ending. 

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Mixed Messages on the Deficit
Wednesday, March 31 2010

The federal budget deficit is a growing problem for Americans, with a stream of mixed messages from voters. Most describe it as a crisis - outpacing even unemployment - but there is little consensus on where to cut the fat.

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The Challenge of Getting the Real Economy Right
Thursday, March 11 2010

The biggest challenge facing Democrats in 2010 after passing health care is getting the economy right - and this is even more important than health care. While economic growth is better than contraction and stagnation, it poses immense problems for progressives wanting the support of voters - starting with the growing gap between improving macro-level indicators and lagging micro-level ones, like job and wage growth. There is reason to believe - confirmed by this survey - that progressives are losing many blue collar and non-college voters as elites focus on “economic success."

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