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National Surveys
End of July Tracking: Real Economic Indicators
Tuesday, August 03 2010

Tags: Citizen Opinion | democracy corps | Democrats | national | Republican Party | tracking

Download this file (5783_July-Economic-Tracking-08032010.pdf)Memo[ ]155 Kb
Download this file (co08022010.FINAL_.pdf)Report on Economic Tracking[ ]174 Kb

Monthly tracking from Citizen Opinion shows troubling trends in the public's experience, perceptions and conclusions. Virtually every personal measure has returned to the lowest point on our seven months of tracking and macro-expectations have darkened too. These shifts coincide with news in July of slower job growth, persistently high unemployment and weaker than expected 2nd quarter GNP growth.

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Special Report on the Tea Party Movement
Monday, July 19 2010

Tags: democracy corps | national | Republican Party | tea party

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The 'Tea Party' is very real and will have a big impact on this year's election and beyond - but it is important to correctly characterize this movement.  The Tea Party is a grass-roots, intensely ideological, conservative Republican movement, fired up by Fox News and Glenn Beck. It is not remotely an independent or populist revolt against the elites or a working class revolt rooted in frustration with the recession, Wall Street and government.

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Grim Stability Will Require Race-by-Race Fight
Friday, June 25 2010

Tags: democracy corps | Democrats | economy | national | Republican Party

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Download this file (dcor062210fq6.web_.pdf)Frequency Questionnaire[ ]71 Kb

National survey of 1,001 2008 voters conducted June 19-22, 2010. This tracking is for Democracy Corps' polling at the end of June.  While these results were released publicly, we thought it would be helpful for progressive leaders to stare at the results - particularly the stability over the last three months. It should move them to battle more intensely race-by-race - and push the national leaders to a different frame for this election.

With the recovery barely visible and Democrats still behind on the economy, progressives should not seek a mandate based on their performance, but on their advocacy for ordinary people versus Wall Street and on where they want to take the country, compared to the Republicans.  Democratic candidates should run as outsiders and independents that battle to change Washington.  They should show their passion for jobs, the economy and middle class. **Note: Questions 66 through 69 had the data for 'second statement strongly' and 'second statement somewhat' reversed. This was corrected June 28, 2010.

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Monthly Report on Real Economic Indicators
Friday, June 25 2010

Tags: democracy corps | economy | national

Download this file (June-economic-tracking-FINAL.pdf)Memo[ ]123 Kb

The monthly tracking on the state of the macro and micro economy makes it even harder to build a short-term economic narrative predicated on national economic progress. That may be possible in years ahead, but difficult in the next four months. A declining number believe the economy is improving, with only 40 percent saying it is “starting to improve" - and a growing number believing it is getting worse. For the great majority of Americans, this is a period of uncertainty. Indeed, over 60 percent believe the country is headed in the wrong direction - stuck at that level since the first month of positive job numbers.

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Toward Renewal and Leadership
Thursday, June 03 2010

Tags: democracy corps | Democrats | economy | national | obama | Republican Party | third way

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As President Obama issues his new national security strategy, a new Democracy Corps-Third Way survey shows the president continues to earn stronger marks on national security than on the economy or on his overall approval. Moreover, there are signs the president's recent efforts to address nuclear dangers and terrorism have improved the public's trust in Democrats on these issues, relative to the Republicans. Since our last joint survey in February, Democrats also slightly narrow the gap with Republicans on national security generally.

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