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National Surveys
Making the Case on National Security as Elections Approach
Monday, September 27 2010

Tags: Afghanistan | democracy corps | Iraq | national | national security | obama | Republican Party | third way

Download this file (Democracy-Corps-Greenberg-Quinlan-Rosner-Making-the-Case-on-National-Security-as)Memo[ ]1210 Kb
Download this file (Third-Way-Democracy-Corps-GQRR-National-Security-Poll-Frequency-Questionnaire.pd)Frequency Questionnaire[ ]326 Kb

A new Democracy Corps-Third Way survey shows opportunities for progressives to deliver an effective message on national security during this campaign season, even in the face of a very negative political environment and new signs the Republicans plan to attack Democratic candidates on national security. President Obama and his administration continue to receive relatively positive ratings on their national security performance, and the public remains relatively supportive of the administration's strategy in the war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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How To Talk to the Rising American Electorate
Friday, September 17 2010

Tags: democracy corps | Democrats | national | Republican Party | wvwvaf

Download this file (0910surveyexecsummary.pdf)Executive Summary[ ]50 Kb
Download this file (wvwvdorps09172010memo.pdf)Memo[ ]86 Kb

Democrats need to learn again how to talk to the voters who brought them success in 2006 and 2008. The Party continues to slide toward what will likely prove the most challenging election cycle since 1994.'s average of national surveys has Republicans leading 46 to 41 percent in the generic congressional ballot. This most recent Democracy Corps/Women's Voices. Women's Vote Action Fund survey shows Republicans with an 7-point margin among likely voters. Swing voters like Independents and blue-collar whites who have moved to the Republicans will be difficult to reclaim over the next seven weeks. Progressives need to find support elsewhere.

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Democrats Should Want This Tax Cut Debate
Tuesday, September 14 2010

Tags: Bush | deficit | democracy corps | Democrats | middle class | national | Republican Party | tax cuts

Download this file (5965_Democracy Corps Tax Cuts-Results.pdf)Frequency Questionnaire[ ]73 Kb
Download this file (Democracy Corps-tax cuts graphs.FINAL.pdf)Graphs[ ]152 Kb
Download this file (taxcuts09142010.FINAL_.pdf)Graphs[ ]45 Kb

This will be a tough election, but fortunately, the unfolding tax issue can work strongly to help Democrats and define the choice in the election.  This is a case where Democrats are strongly aligned with public thinking and priorities.  Only 38 percent favor extending the Bush tax cuts for those over $250,000 - the official position of Republican leaders and candidates.  Clearly messaging around this choice - with Democrats voting for middle class tax cuts, while starting to address the deficit and protecting Social Security, contrasted with Republican candidates who still believe trickle down economics and worsen the deficit.

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National Survey
Tuesday, September 07 2010

Tags: democracy corps | Democrats | national | Republican Party

Download this file (dcor090210fq8.pdf)Frequency Questionnaire[ ]57 Kb

National survey of 1,000 2008 voters conducted August 30-September 2, 2010.

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The Big Decisions Ahead on Economic Renewal and Reduced Debt
Thursday, August 12 2010

Tags: deficit | democracy corps | Democrats | economy | medicare | national | Republican Party | social security

Download this file (cafdcor073010fq7.pdf)Frequency Questionnaire[ ]94 Kb
Download this file (cafdcorps08122010FINAL-PRESENTATION.pdf)August 11 Presentation[ ]402 Kb
Download this file (cafdcorps08122010FINAL-PRESENTATION1.pdf)August 12 Presentation[ ]69 Kb
Download this file (deficit-poll-2010-big-decisions.pdf)Memo[ ]1938 Kb

Voters take the long view, seeing the need for both a commitment to a 21st century economy and long-term strategies to reduce the deficit. These are complimentary, not exclusive goals. Progressives need to show they are serious about the deficits, but once they do, voters turn to them, not conservatives, for the right spending priorities and answers.

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