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National Surveys
Another Look At Health Care
Monday, January 24 2011

Tags: Democrats | Health Care | national | Republican Party | rising american electorate | wvwvaf

Download this file (Jan-DCOR-Oversample-Presentation_Final.pdf)Presentation[ ]205 Kb
Download this file (wvwv011211fq1.pdf)Frequency Questionnaire[ ]72 Kb

A new survey by Women's Voices. Women Vote Action Fund and Democracy Corps shows that the new House majority misread American voters. Moreover, this research provides a new opportunity for progressives to reclaim critical blocs of voters who with-drew their support in the 2010 elections. Health care is the opening act.

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What Next for President Obama and Democrats?
Friday, November 19 2010

Tags: democracy corps | Democrats | middle class | national | post-election | Republican Party

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2010 was a voter revolt against Democratic governance during an economic and jobs crisis. Above all, voters were frustrated with the lack of progress on unemployment, the seeming ineffectiveness of the president's policies, a shortage of sustained focus on economic issues, and the absence of a vision or message showing voters where the president and the Democrats wanted to take the country.

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Tuesday, November 09 2010

Tags: clinton | Democrats | gingrich | house | national | Republican Party | resurgent republic

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November 2nd was a very bad day for Democrats - indeed, the worst since November 8, 1994 when Democrats lost their four-decade hold on the House of Representatives, control of the US Senate and 472 state legislative seats across the country. Newt Gingrich and his new majorities were triumphant.  I was polling then for President Bill Clinton and the poll findings today in this joint poll with Resurgent Republic look eerily similar.

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Republicans Should Not Misread the Mandate
Friday, November 05 2010

Tags: CAF | democracy corps | Democrats | national | post-election | Republican Party

Download this file (dcor112010-CAFpostelection.FINAL_.pdf)Graphs[ ]294 Kb
Download this file (dcorcaf110310bbk14_likely.pdf)Banner Book[ ]951 Kb
Download this file (dcorcaf110310bbk14_likely_targets.pdf)Likely Targets Banner Book[ ]162 Kb
Access this URL ( Questionnaire[ ]93 Kb

Republicans should not misread the mandate and the changes that came out of this big election.  This post-election survey conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner for Democracy Corps and the Campaign for America's Future digs deeply into what produced this historic result and voters' priorities in the critical period ahead.

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National Survey
Thursday, October 28 2010

Tags: democracy corps | Democrats | national | Republican Party | tracking

Download this file (dcorpstracker10252010.FINAL_.pdf)Tracking Presentation[ ]155 Kb

National survey of 800 likely voters conducted October 23-25, 2010.

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