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November 18, 2018

Trump Is Beginning to Lose His...

By Stanley Greenberg This op-ed first appeared in the New York Times Sunday Review on November 18, 2018.    America’s polarized citizenry...
December 10, 2018

Unmarried Women in 2018

Unmarried women comprised 23 percent of the national electorate and played a decisive role in the 2018 wave. Like other women, many unmarried women...
November 16, 2018

Democrats won big embracing strong...

Many vulnerable Republicans hoped that the GDP and jobs numbers and their signature legislative accomplishment, the tax cut, would persuade voters to...

National Surveys
The Democratic Wave is Now Apparent
Tuesday, November 27 2018

On behalf of Women’s Voices, Women Vote Action FundDemocracy Corps has conducted an ‘Election Night’ survey of 1,250 registered and 2018 voters nationally, including of 900 voters in 15 battleground states in 2018 and 2020. This post-election study shows that Democrats were able to create a powerful brew that produced major gains in the House and states, despite apportioned districts rigged to be unassailable and election laws engineered to suppress minority votes. It was powered by shifts in vote and turnout among women and the diverse Rising American Electorate. Outside of the RAE, the Democrats may have permanently changed their base and the voters open to them, particularly when Donald Trump leads an anti-immigrant Republican Party. In the face of his divisive campaign, parts of rural and working class America peeled off. The Democratic wave exposed President Trump’s vulnerability and suggests a less polarized country. Democrats still need to run stronger in the rural areas that President Trump won in a landslide and with the working class men and women at the core of his base, but that task is for another day. 



Democrats won big embracing strong message on Trump tax cuts & economy
Friday, November 16 2018

Many vulnerable Republicans hoped that the GDP and jobs numbers and their signature legislative accomplishment, the tax cut, would persuade voters to keep them in office. Instead, Democrats won with a strong message that the Trump economy is failing to raise wages and that the Republican tax law gives huge benefits to the rich, drives up the deficit and puts Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and investments in education at risk. This conclusion is bolstered by an ‘Election Night’ survey conducted by the American Federation of Teachers and Democracy Corps.




The Rising American Electorate & White Working Class Strike Back
Friday, November 09 2018

The Democrats had a very big election on Tuesday, with a 7-point national congressional margin that allowed them to pick up 35 House seats, to elect a record-breaking 100 women to the House, and to flip six statehouses and seven governors’ mansions. Democrats now occupy nearly half of the 50 governors’ mansions, including winning all of the races in the Blue Wall states that allowed Donald Trump to win the Electoral College. In winning control of the House, Democrats shifted the congressional margin 10 points on average from 2016 and 21 points in the seats that flipped to the Democrats and pushed turnout to a stunning 48.1 percent and growing, compared to just 36.7 in 2014. 

In order to understand the shifts that changed the landscape and balance of power in the country, Democracy Corps has conducted an ‘Election Night’ survey of 1,250 registered voters and 2018 voters nationally, including 900 voters in 15 battleground states in 2018 and 2020, on behalf of Women's Voices.Women Vote Action Fund. This report lays out the six key elements that came together to produce major gains for Democrats, despite apportioned districts rigged to be unassailable and election laws engineered to suppress minority votes.



Failing GOP tax scam big opportunity
Friday, October 12 2018

The new tax cut law – the Republicans’ signature legislative accomplishment – is unpopular, and increasingly so, as a majority have not seen any personal benefit and believe the tax cut primarily benefits corporations and the wealthy at their expense. Critically, contrary to the Trump-GOP narrative about the booming economy, more people say the economy isn’t strong for people like them because their wages aren’t rising or keeping up with costs. That tough reality gives progressives an opportunity to hit these leaders for their corrupt deal for their corporate donors, while being out of touch and indifferent to the struggles of the middle class and working people.

The final pre-election poll conducted by Democracy Corps for the American Federation of Teachers, like the average of public polls, shows the Democrats just at the edge of the wave election for which progressives are battling. It also tells progressives to stay on offense in the closing weeks. Embracing the public’s anger with other leaders’ out-of-touch portrayal of their economic lives genuinely shifts vote support toward Democratic candidates and increases turnout.





Trump-GOP tax cut integral to Democratic midterm message
Thursday, June 14 2018

The Trump-GOP tax cut must be the centerpiece of any Democratic midterm message, in the same way that Obamacare was the foundation for the Republican wave in 2010. That is the clear conclusion of the third phase of research on the new tax cut and the economy from Democracy Corps and AFT. This national web-survey finds the tax cut has become a more motivating election issue for its opponents than for its supporters. Moreover, the more Democratic messages emphasize the GOP’s “tax scam for the rich” and vow to raise taxes on the rich and corporations to fund investments, the greater the opposition to the tax cut and the growth in the Democratic congressional margin and turnout advantage.

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