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June 18, 2018

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June 20, 2018

The Broad Support for Taxing the...

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July 13, 2018

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Rewriting the Rules of the Economy
It's jobs, stupid.
Tuesday, January 18 2011

Tags: CAF | democracy corps | Democrats | economy project | obama | Republican Party | SOTU | swing voters

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The voters have a clear and dramatic message for the new Republicans in Congress and the President on the eve of his State of the Union Address: focus on jobs and the economy and show how America is going to be economically successful again. This is not a nuanced poll. If Democrats did not get the message in 2010, voters are ready to send a message again, according to the first Democracy Corps-Campaign for America's Future survey of 2011.

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AN ALERT: Changing the Framework and Outcome in 2010
Monday, September 20 2010

Tags: democracy corps | Democrats | economy project | house | incumbents | Republican Party

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The 2010 election campaign could not be more daunting, but we believe Democratic congressional candidates can move these races in the final two months if they frame this election as a clear choice and battle for the middle class, against the big financial interests dominating Washington and which Republicans champion. This is a moment to refocus. With the unemployment rate going up, voters deeply frustrated and desperate, and Democrats down 7 points in the congressional vote, we need and can adopt a new formula. Our research demonstrates that Democratic messaging can beat powerful Republican messages, moving voters and closing the congressional gap by an impressive 9 points.

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The Economy Project
Monday, May 10 2010

Tags: Citizen Opinion | economy project | middle class

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A presentation based off of Citizen Opinion data that examines the economic experiences of middle class Americans.

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State of the Union Clip: Strong Support for Freeing Credit at Community Banks
Wednesday, February 03 2010

Tags: bank bailout | banks | economy project | obama | SOTU

Real time reactions from voters as President Obama outlines his plan to use some of the recovered bailout money from the largest banks to help smaller, community banks so they can start lending to small businesses again.

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The Economy Growing at Two Different Speeds
Tuesday, February 02 2010

Tags: economy project | focus groups | jobs | obama | SOTU

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Voter reaction to the president's economic discussion in the State of the Union shows that Democrats have a lot to learn about their economic narrative in the coming year. Voters responded very positively to the president's turn to jobs as priority number one for the next year, but they responded differently to politicians talking about progress and success. With the economy growing at its fastest pace in six years and wages growing at their slowest in the past quarter-century, there is a growing gap that makes the communication about the economy harder, not easier.

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