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November 04, 2017

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October 18, 2017

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September 21, 2017

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Rewriting the Rules of the Economy
Mixed Economic Message
Thursday, February 23 2012

Tags: democracy corps | economy | gqr | middle class

The President and the Democrats are indeed doing very well at the outset of 2012, and the Republicans are doing pitifully. They are not unrelated. Republicans in Congress and in the primary battles are driving independents into the Democrats' camp and consolidating and energizing parts of the progressive base.

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State of the Union 2012: 'Built to Last'
Wednesday, February 15 2012

Tags: democracy corps | economy | focus groups | gqr | middle class | obama | SOTU

Download this file (SOTU_long_memo_FINALv4.pdf)Memo[ ]1370 Kb

Voters across the political spectrum reacted very favorably to President Obama's focus on creating an economy “built to last" in his 2012 State of the Union address, according to dial tests and follow-up discussions with 50 swing voters in Denver, Colorado.  

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President Obama Scores With Middle Class Message
Wednesday, January 25 2012

Tags: democracy corps | economy | focus groups | gqr | middle class | obama | SOTU

Download this file (SOTU-Initial-Memo-FINAL.pdf)Memo[ ]264 Kb

Dial testing and follow-up focus groups with 50 swing voters in Denver, Colorado show that President Obama's populist defense of the middle class and their priorities in his State of the Union scored with voters.[1] The President generated strong responses on energy, education and foreign policy, but most important, he made impressive gains on a range of economic measures. 

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Seizing the New Progressive Common Ground
Thursday, November 10 2011

Tags: democracy corps | focus groups | gqr | obama | progressive | voter participation center

Download this file (Common-Ground-Memo-FINAL1.pdf)Memo[ ]419 Kb

The new progressive coalition shared an antipathy toward George W. Bush and his worldview, opposition to the Iraq War, and frustration with the lack of income and job growth - even before the economic crisis. They came to share a belief in Barack Obama. But then and now, they are extraordinarily diverse.

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Winning the Economic Argument
Thursday, November 03 2011

Tags: democracy corps | Democrats | economy project | middle class | obama | Republican Party

Download this file (economyfq.pdf)Frequency Questionnaire[ ]207 Kb
Download this file (EconomyMemoFINAL.pdf)Memo[ ]511 Kb

The economic outlook could not be darker or more important. Voters' economic mood and judgments about the leaders and parties on the economy are the main drivers and strongest predictors of the presidential and congressional votes in this survey. And which party is better on the economy is almost all that matters, which is why Democrats need to start winning this argument.

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