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Democrats Poised to Challenge in Republican Battleground
Thursday, January 31 2008

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As we enter an election season with a staggering 28 Republican incumbents retiring from Congress, the latest research shows that Democrats have a historic opportunity to take the fight deep into Republican territory. To best take advantage of the battleground's hunger for change, they must demonstrate that they are real problem solvers and advocates of the middle class who will successfully tackle a troubled economy and unaccountable government.

Democracy Corps and Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research recently conducted a large scale survey of 1,850 likely voters in the 40 most competitive Republican-held congressional districts that shows Democrats have an historic opportunity to challenge deep into Republican territory. The Democrats have a more positive image than the Republicans across these 40 Republican districts where the race between the named Republican incumbent and Democratic challenger is now even. In their latest strategy memo, Stan Greenberg, James Carville, and Ana Iparraguirre comprehensively examine the state of the congressional race across the various types of districts in the Republican battleground, offering a path to think expansively in this change election.