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June 20, 2018

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Battleground Surveys
Battleground Survey
Tuesday, May 27 2008

Tags: battleground | campaign | democracy corps | Democrats | house | incumbents | Republican Party

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From May 19-26, 2008, Democracy Corps conducted a survey of 1,600 likely voters in 45 GOP-held swing districts.

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The Economic Anger
Wednesday, February 20 2008
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Recent focus groups conducted by Democracy Corps around the country reveal an environment of serious economic doubts with major political implications. Swing voters in the battleground - Orlando, Fla. and Columbus, Oh. - are scared about making ends meet, worried about the housing crisis, and see increasing income inequality putting a painful squeeze on a declining middle class. As the 2008 election approaches, the candidates and party that offer a real break from the Bush economic agenda will be speaking directly to what drives the desire for change in our country.

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Democrats Poised to Challenge in Republican Battleground
Thursday, January 31 2008

Tags: battleground | campaign | Carville | democracy corps | Democrats | Greenberg | house | incumbents | Iparraguirre | Republican Party

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As we enter an election season with a staggering 28 Republican incumbents retiring from Congress, the latest research shows that Democrats have a historic opportunity to take the fight deep into Republican territory. To best take advantage of the battleground's hunger for change, they must demonstrate that they are real problem solvers and advocates of the middle class who will successfully tackle a troubled economy and unaccountable government.

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Winning the Debate on Taxes and the Economy
Tuesday, January 15 2008

Tags: battleground | campaign | Carville | democracy corps | Democrats | Fuksa | Greenberg | house | incumbents | Republican Party | taxes

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Faced with a faltering economy, the Republican party and its presidential candidates have fallen in lockstep behind President Bush in calling to make his tax cuts permanent. As we approach the start of our sixth year in Iraq, their relief at the shift in national focus is almost palpable. But they are wrong. A recent Democracy Corps survey of the congressional battleground finds that Republicans no longer have any advantage on taxes and -- even more than on national security -- when Democrats engage and define the choice, they truly dominate and shift the 2008 vote even further. Rather than being on the defensive on taxes, Democrats should take the offensive by attacking a tax system rigged to ensure the wealthiest and corporations pay very little.

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First Survey in the 2008 Battleground Districts
Tuesday, June 19 2007

Tags: battleground | campaign | Carville | democracy corps | Democrats | Greenberg | house | incumbents | Iparraguirre | Republican Party

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This survey, Greenberg Quinlan Rosner's first battleground poll for Democracy Corps in 2007, finds the center of the American electoral battlefield has shifted as much since the 2006 election as it did in 2006 campaign. With an unpopular President and an even more unpopular war, Republicans are ceding territory and opening new areas for Democrats. Indeed, Democratic congressional candidates in this named ballot hold on average a 9-point lead in these districts that actually supported the Republican candidate by 1 point in 2006 and President Bush by 8 points in 2004.

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