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Tulane University / Democracy Corps Mayoral Survey
Thursday, April 23 2009

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Tulane University and Democracy Corps have joined together to conduct a unique survey examining the New Orleans political landscape as the city approaches a critical mayoral election in February 2010. The survey of 1,008 likely voters was conducted April 5-14, and reveals that 55 percent of New Orleans voters believe this election is the 'most important city election in their lifetime' as the city still struggles to rebound more than four years after Hurricane Katrina.

With voters highly focused on the city's challenges, there is a remarkable shared sense of what are the city's priorities and what should be the path forward for the next New Orleans mayor. Greenberg Quinlan Rosner conducted this comprehensive survey for Tulane and Democracy Corps, employing a hybrid methodology that combines traditional voter file, random digit dialing, and cell phone research to maximize access to the post-Katrina electorate.