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Corzine Maintains Lead in Race for Governor
Thursday, October 22 2009

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As the race for New Jersey governor enters the home stretch, a new survey conducted for Stan Greenberg and James Carville's organization Democracy Corps by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research finds the race stable with Democratic Governor Jon Corzine holding a 3-point lead over Republican Chris Christie, the same margin he enjoyed in our last survey two weeks ago. Corzine now garners 42 percent of the vote to Christie's 39 percent and independent Chris Daggett's 13 percent - all essentially unchanged from two weeks ago.

Corzine now garners 42 percent of the vote to Christie's 39 percent and independent Chris Daggett's 13 percent - all essentially unchanged from two weeks ago. Amidst a campaign that has turned almost exclusively negative, both Corzine and Christie remain relatively unpopular with New Jersey voters.  Christie is viewed unfavorably by 42 percent of voters and favorably by 35 percent for a net favorability rating of -7 points.  Corzine's net favorability rating is nearly identical at -8 points, with 46 percent rating him unfavorably versus 38 percent rating him favorably. Daggett continues to become better known, but as he has become a focus of Christie's attacks his negatives have risen without a corresponding increase in his positive ratings.  The independent candidate is now identified by 61 percent of voters, up 16 points in the last two weeks and 32 points in the last month.  However, that hasn't translated into better personal ratings.  Daggett is viewed favorably by 15 percent of voters, the same result as two weeks ago.  However, he is now seen unfavorably by 25 percent, up 7 points. Corzine holds the same 42 to 39 percent lead over Christie among those voters most likely to turn out in November, and when undecideds are allocated based on their partisan leanings, the governor's lead expands to 5 points, 45 to 40 percent.

These results are based on a Democracy Corps survey conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner from October 21-22, 2009 among 604 likely voters in New Jersey. The margin of error is +/- 4.0 percent.  You can find this release as well as the full survey results at

Democracy Corps is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to making the government of the United States more responsive to the American people. It was founded in 1999 by James Carville and Stanley Greenberg. Democracy Corps provides free public opinion research and strategic advice to those dedicated to a more responsive Congress and Presidency.