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Democrats in Congress holding, But Public's Reaction of Bush, Iraq Surge Grow
Thursday, March 15 2007

Tags: Bush | democracy corps | Democrats | Iraq | Republican Party

As the 4-year anniversary of the invasion of Iraq approaches, we find the war in Iraq dominating a political environment that has really solidified since the historic elections of 2006. This environment is characterized by a deeply pessimistic mood driven by Iraq, as well as concerns about health care and immigration. Another month of polls brings another record low approval mark for Bush. Majorities of Americans disapprove of Bush's performance and favor Democrats in Congress over Bush on every issue tested in every poll. And broad opposition to his escalation in Iraq remains as fewer Americans see any hope for a true 'victory' in Iraq and concern about a renewed Taliban presence in Afghanistan increases the commitment to that conflict.

After 2006: Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. and Columbus, Oh.
Tuesday, January 16 2007

Tags: Bush | democracy corps | Democrats | focus groups | Iraq | Pelosi | Republican Party | swing voters

Democracy Corps' first wave of focus groups since the historic election of 2006 suggests that Democrats have several opportunities to solidify their gains with swing voters, and expand their support as they define themselves in the new Congress. These focus groups were conducted the day before and the day after President Bush's national address on the Iraq war, and were heavily devoted to understanding attitudes about the war and reaction to the President's initiative. We also explored voters' takeaways from the 2006 election and their priorities for the new Congress.

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Sunday, December 31 2006


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Sunday, December 31 2006

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Sunday, December 31 2006


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